Trainer Tubular Heat Exchanger Teaching Equipment Thermal Teaching Equipment

Trainer Tubular Heat Exchanger Teaching Equipment Thermal Teaching Equipment

ZT0016 Trainer Tubular Heat Exchanger Teaching Equipment Thermal Teaching Equipment for college, vocational training center, university. 

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ZT0016 Trainer Tubular Heat Exchanger Teaching Equipment Thermal Teaching Equipment

I. Product content
1. Product Overview
1.1 Overview
The tube heat exchanger is the simplest heat exchanger. When the fluid is a high-pressure or high-viscosity medium, the tube heat exchanger is generally used. The ZT0016 experimental platform is a training and teaching device used in the laboratory to study the heat transfer capability of tube heat exchangers. The core of the experimental platform is a coaxially arranged sleeve. Hot water flows in the inner tube and cold water flows in the outer tube. When flowing, the hot water transfers part of the heat energy to the cold water. The flow direction of water can be adjusted to study the heat transfer process of different arrangements such as downstream and countercurrent. Temperature sensors are arranged at the middle of the inlet and the pipe wall to measure the water temperature and wall temperature. Measuring the wall temperature can also be used to study the heat transfer process on the pipe wall. Convection heat transfer. The hot water circuit includes a water tank with an electric heater and a water pump. The flow of cold and hot water can be adjusted through a valve.
1.2 Features
①The flow direction of the water in the ZT 0016 test bench loop cycle is adjustable, which is used to test different heat exchange processes such as downstream and countercurrent;
②By adjusting the ball valve to adjust the flow pattern of the cold and hot water inside the left and right sleeves, the heat exchange efficiency and performance coefficient of the heat exchangers arranged downstream and countercurrent can be measured at the same time;
③The water temperature and circulating water flow rate in the circulation loop of the test bench can be smoothly adjusted;
④The transient data during the change of the workbench is directly displayed on the display in digital form;
⑤The various physical quantity data of the workbench change process can also be transmitted to the PC through the USB interface for further processing;

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