Trainer for Photovoltaic PV Teaching Equipment Solar Photovoltaic Training Panel

Trainer for Photovoltaic PV Teaching Equipment Solar Photovoltaic Training Panel

TB-210628-S-004 Trainer for Photovoltaic PV Teaching Equipment Solar Photovoltaic Training Panel for college, vocational training center, university. 

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TB-210628-S-004 Trainer for Photovoltaic PV Teaching Equipment Solar Photovoltaic Training Panel


1.1 Overview

The training sets include a variety of types of electrical components, through the related experiments, can be familiar with thyristor electrical characteristics, to master the control principle and control mode, raises the student the corresponding knowledge and skills, suitable for higher vocational colleges, higher technical, secondary vocational school and technical school related professional teaching and skill training evaluation.

1.2 Feature

(1) Training bench with aluminum column frame structure, the power supply built-in integrated installation, safe and convenient to use, is not easy to damage.

(2) unit circuit hanging box configuration are complete, combination use, complete variety of critiquing the training content.

(3) Training platform has a good safety protection system.

II Character parameter

(1)  Input power: three phase, five wire, 380V±10% 50Hz

(2)  Dimension:1800mm×800mm×1800mm(approximity)

(3) Whole capacity: <2.0KVA

(4) Weight: <300kg

(5) Work condition:

Environment temperature: -10℃~+40℃

Relative humidity: <85%(25℃)

III.  Power control panel

The power control panel using aluminum alloy profile panel, enclosed body structure, and placed at the bottom of a connection as one.


to able the students to:

-Teach physical behavior of solar modules under a. variety of effects: such as (Illuminance, temperature, shading, etc.).

-How to-convert the sun light to electrical current.

V.Technical specifications

Power supply 230V, 50 Hz.

Module unit should be provided with i1s all suitable connections.

Qty. {2)

– Design, number of cells, cell material.  maximum  output  power,

Dimensions. Efficiency … etc.

– Should able to be connected in series and /or parallel.

Suitable Light Source for sun simulation with sufficient intensity should be provided

– Movable unit with suitable mechanism Variable Light intensity with suitable controller.

– Suitable fixing mechanism

– Variable tilting angles.

– Quantity of light sources to be suitable for an experiment.

Off-Grid and On-Grid connections system should be provided with all accessories needed to get optimum operation.

–  Specifications of Battery used in case of off grid

– Measuring ranges (Voltage, Current, Illuminance, etc.)

All sensors in the apparatus

The supplier should supply suitable Software (infected) with suitable PC, with its all connections and accessories (Original software should be provided).

Display method for all measuring values and parameters in suitable scales and unit to be provided

Any other additional accessory to get optimum operation

Any safety features to be supplied and specified

Apparatus operating environment is suitable and compatible for educational Iaboratory conditions.  (Humidity, Temperature, …)

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