Traffic Light Trainer Didactic Equipment Automatic Training Equipment

ZE3110B Traffic Light Trainer Didactic Equipment Automatic Training Equipment for college, vocational training center, university. 

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ZE3110B Traffic Light Trainer Didactic Equipment Automatic Training Equipment

I.Product overview

Traffic signal light teaching training equipment can connect to PLC or MCU controller, the equipment itself is a execute object, which don’t contains contoller. Through program designing, do sequence logic control for signal light, to realise road signal lght simulation.

II.Technical specifications

Input powre supply: 24VDC±10% 


Environment humidity:≤90%(25℃)


Whole capacity: ≤0.1kVA

Dimesnion: mechnical body dimension: 450×300×120mm(L×W×H)

III.Product feature

Traffic light teaching training equipment is mini educational model for real road signal light. It is the execute object for PLC and MCU(PLC and MCU are optinoal part, price don’t contains PLC an MCU). Base panel takes aluminum, light takes high light LED, it had green, red, yellow three colors, can realize the following function: green light turn on and turn off, red light turn on and turn off, yellow light turn on anf turn off, twinkle.

IV.Training project

  1. PLC or MCU model selection, hardware wire, trianing and installation. 2. PLCor MCU basic instructions prgram training
  2. Configuration technology training
  3. Electrican technical skills training
  4. Mechanical design, assembly training
  5. Automatic control experiment
  6. Count down diaplay experiment
  7. Button control experiment
  8. Irregularitypulse experiment

10.Indrease decrease counter experiment training function

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