TB220505S24 Workbench For Electrical Machines Educational Equipment Electrical Engineering Training Equipment

TB220505S24 Workbench For Electrical Machines Educational Equipment Electrical Engineering Training Equipment

TB220505S24 Workbench For Electrical Machines Educational Equipment Electrical Engineering Training Equipment for college, vocational training center, university. 

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TB220505S24 Workbench For Electrical Machines Educational Equipment Electrical Engineering Training Equipment

1 Product overview

1.1 Overview

This training device includes a variety of types of induction motor and industrial control components, through the relevant experiment, students can be familiar with the operation characteristics of single phase motor, three phases motor, inverter, to master its control principle and control mode, the corresponding knowledge and technical skills, it is widely applied in higher vocational colleges, secondary vocational schools and vocational school related professional teaching and technical skills training program and examination.

1.2 Features

(1) The actual training platform adopts the frame structure of aluminum profile, with the bottom with the universal wheel, which can be moved flexibly. The measuring instrument and the actual training power source are integrated and installed, easy to use and not easily damaged.

(2) The motor is fully equipped and can be used in combination to complete a variety of training contents.

(3) The training platform has a good security system.

2 Performance parameters

(1) complete machine capacity: < 1.5 KVA

(2) weight: < 450kg

(3) working conditions: temperature – 10 ℃ ~ + 40 ℃ relative humidity < 85% (25 ℃)

3 Product composition

3.1 Power control screen

The power control panel adopts aluminum alloy profile panel, closed box body structure, and the lower shelf is connected to one.

3.2 Training bench

The actual training table is supported by the aluminum profile column, and the bottom universal wheel brake is flexible and can be moved and positioned flexibly. The tabletop uses the high density base plate of 25mm thick, the surface high temperature and high pressure fire prevention board face treatment, complete with three guide type drawer 2, sliding door type bottom cabinet 2 pieces, the structure is firm, beautiful and generous.

3.3 Power control screen configuration

(1) The input of three-phase five-wire power supply, controlled by the leakage circuit breaker, has the emergency stop control button, and in case of emergency, press the emergency stop button breaker to cut off the power supply.

(2) Equipped with power indicator, power output socket and secure type power supply terminal.

(3) Configuration ac motor special protection switch, built-in ac power supply, short circuit protection function.

(4) Built-in AC power and short circuit protection.

4.Specific characteristics:

  • Power supply: 240 to 380 Volts.
  • Includes: Universal motor, synchronous generator, single-phase motors, three-phase motors, measurement accessories, frequency variator, transducers, modules (starters, capacitors, inductors and rheostats), control accessories and power sources.
  • Power: 7 KiloVoltiampere.
  • Type: Three-phase. Additional characteristics: That it can carry out the following practices:
  • Load simulator with application of torque on the motors by means of the coupled servomotor.
  • Analysis of the items of different electric motors.
  • with direct start, star-delta, start with frequency inverter.
  • Installation and operation of direct current motor with excitation in series, compound (compound) and independent, (shunt) and analysis of their differences.
  • Operation with three-phase synchronous alternator and placement.
  • of the same in synchronism with the network.
  • Visualization of the alteration of the power factor and of the powers involved by means of the application of load on the motors.
  • Graphical analysis of current, voltage, speed and torque, with the user being able to customize the X and Y axes, and being able to export the data to Excel. That it has the following modules:
  • 1 three-phase direct starting module
  • 1 star-triangle split module.
  • 1 module starting by frequency inverter.
  • 1 module starting by softstarter
  • 1 module with capacitive loads.
  • 1 module with inductive loads.
  • 1 synchronism module with double frequency meter, double voltmeter, synchroscope and lamps.
  • 1 multimeter module electrical magnitudes
  • 1 computer with license for supervision and control system.
  • 1 reset module with three elements.
  • 1 simple analog voltmeter module.
  • 2 simple analog ammeter modules.
  • 1 three-phase asynchronous motor 1.5hp, 4 poles
  • 1 400W three-phase synchronous generator, 4 poles.
  • 1 servo motor.
  • 1 DRIVE servo..
  • 1 torque meter 0-20Nm.
  • 1 signal acquisition board.
  • 2 voltage transducers in alternating current and direct current
  • 1 current transducer.

 It must include:

  • Use manual.
  • Exercise manual.
  • Connection .
  • Application in LabView for supervision and control.
  • Bench with motors.

That it complies with the following technical data:

  • Dimensions (W x H x D): work station: 2000 x 1410 x 840 mm.
  • Bench with motors: 1150 x 1200 x 700mm.
  • Structure composed of anodized aluminum profile,
  • carbon steel and medium density particle board (MDP).
  • Power supply with protection against short-circuit, overload and electrical discharges.
  • Crossbars for fixing the modules.
  • Modules with IP20 degree of protection, structural type TS and indelible identification with rear closure.
  • Fixing of the modules without the use of tools.
  • Electrical connections of the components in the modules by means of 4 mm safety terminals.

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