SS206 Pump Tester Educational Equipment

SS206 Pump Tester Educational Equipment for college, vocational training center, university. 

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SS206 Pump Tester Educational Equipment



In practice, several pumps are often installed either in parallel or in series configuration for economic reasons. In parallel configuration the pumps operate in a common pipe. This requires that the pumps used in each case can achieve the same head. Parallel configurations offer the advantage that when demand is low only one pump works and other pumps are switched on as the flow rate increases. In series configuration pumps with equal flow rates are arranged in a row. This arrangement allows the bridging of large heads and is often more cost-effective than the use of a single pump with large head.

 studies the cooperation of two centrifugal pumps and illustrates the differences in parallel and series configuration.

The trainer has a closed water circuit and is equipped with two identical centrifugal pumps. The rotational speed of the motors for the pumps can be adjusted via frequency converters. All motors are mounted on swivel bearings so that the drive torque can be measured via a force sensor, allowing the mechanical drive power to be determined. Sensors detect the pressures at inlet and outlet of the pumps. The flow rate is measured by an electromagnetic flow meter. The performance data of the pump and losses in the pipe are calculated and shown in the form of characteristics. Characteristic parameters of pumps are determined from the measured values. Furthermore, students are familiarised with the operating behaviour of centrifugal pumps and can practise the correct way to start up and shut down such a pump system.

The trainer is operated and controlled by the integrated PLC with touch screen. By means of an integrated router, the trainer can alternatively be operated and controlled via an end device. The user interface can also be displayed on up to 10 end devices (screen mirroring). Via the PLC, the measured values can be stored internally. Access to stored measured values is possible from end devices via WLAN with integrated router/ LAN connection to the customer’s own network.


trainer with 2 centrifugal pumps which are operated in series or parallel configuration

plant control with PLC, operation via touch screen

integrated router for operation and control via an end device and for screen mirroring: possible to mirror the user interface on up to 10 end devices

closed water circuit

drive motors with adjustable speed

motor with pendulum bearing, torque measurement via lever arm and force sensor

inductive speed sensor on the motor

electromagnetic flow meter

data acquisition via PLC on internal USB memory, access to stored measured values via WLAN with integrated router/ LAN connection to customer’s own network

Technical data

PLC: Weintek cMT3092X

2 pumps

max. flow rate: 19,8m3/h

max. head: 23m

2 drive motors

power output: 1,1kW

speed range: 0…3000min-1

Storage tank: 280L
Measuring ranges

pressure (inlet):

pump 1: -1…0,6bar

pump 2: -1…3bar

pressure (outlet):

pump 1: 0…2,5bar

pump 2: 0…6bar

flow rate: 0…600L/min

speed: 2x 0…3000min-1

torque: 2x 0…10Nm

power: 2x 0…2,2kW

230V, 50Hz, 1 phase
230V, 60Hz, 1 phase; 230V, 60Hz, 3 phases


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