TB-230223-V-016 200A, LV Main Switchboard for Testing only

TB-230223-V-016 200A, LV Main Switchboard for Testing only

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TB-230223-V-016 200A, LV Main Switchboard for Testing only


➢Condition: Brand New and Unused

through the experiment, to master the demo switchboard principle and control mode, the corresponding knowledge and skills, suits, higher vocational colleges, secondary vocational schools and vocational school related professional teaching and skills.

➢LV Main Switchboard (200A) with labeled terminal blocks and cable sleeve, for easy training on operation of indicating and measuring circuit, overcurrent and earth fault protection and shunt trip circuit for 200A MCCB and connection to 4 outgoing 60A MCCBs and with incominig busbars and specially customised shorted link bolted on busbars for conducting primary injection test on overcurrent and earth fault relays and layout


(1) The training platform adopts an aluminum profile column frame structure, and the coordination of each unit is flexible, easy to use, and not easy to damage.

(2) The experimental circuit and devices are fully configured and can be used in combination to complete the training content of various subjects.

Performance Parameter

  1. Input power: AC380V±10%
  2. Input voltage: ≤1kw

Working environment:

1) Temperature: -10℃~+40℃;

2) Relative humidity: ≤90% (+20°C);

3) Altitude: ≤4000m;

4) The air is clean, no corrosive and explosive gas, no conductive dust and dust that can damage insulation

  1. Include..
  2. I/C and O/G Indicating Lamp – 6 nos

2.200A HRC backup incoming fuses (x3) and neutral link (x1)

  1. Digital Ammeter, a.c.0- 200A – 1 nos
  2. Digital Voltmeter, a.c. 0-500V – 1 no.
  3. Fuses, 2A for Incoming and o/g lamp and voltmeter protection – 6 nos
  4. Fuse ,2A – Relay protection circuit
  5. Fuse, 4A – Energy Meter protection
  6. Digital Energy Meter -1 no
  7. Metering CT for Ammeter and Energy Meter- 1 set each
  8. Protection CTs – 4 Nos
  9. Analogue O/C relay -1nos
  10. Analogue E/F relay -1nos

13.200A Main MCCB with shunt trip 4poles -1 nos

  1. Outgoing MCCBs , 60A 4poles – 3 nos

15.5 pins C4 industrial socket and plug with connection to supply indicating circuits and shunt trip circuit and power supply to relay and meters only and to exclude live supply to all busbars.

  1. Ammeter, Voltmeter and indicatinging circuit to be power seperately away from busbar, to be power from Auxillary 230V supply.
  2. Dimension: H: 2100mm, W: 1200mm, D: 450mm max
  3. to provide single line drawing, wire termination drawing and layout drawing
  4. Labeling to be English
  5. to provide the catalogue and related data sheet of all the devices.

➢CE compliant (or equivalent)

➢Hard copy or soft copy operation manual in English or Khmer

3.Supplied with English user manual

Supplied with English demo video

Supply free online training for 1 day

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