Stepper Motor Trainer Didactic Equipment Electrician Trainer

Stepper Motor Trainer Didactic Equipment Electrician Trainer

ZE3226 Stepper Motor Trainer Didactic Equipment Electrician Trainer for college, vocational training center, university. 

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ZE3226 Stepper Motor Trainer Didactic Equipment Electrician Trainer

Stepper Motor System is an integrated system for in depth studies stepper motor theory and working principles. The system comes with an upright control panel. The stepper motor system is connected via flexible coupling. The control panel comprises of Stepper Motor Driver, Time Delay Contactor, Programmable Logic Control- ler Unit, PLC Input Terminal Unit, I/O Unit, PLC Output Terminal Unit, and all wiring con- nections brought out to 4mm terminals. Con- necting leads with banana plugs facilitate quick and easy connections between the stepper motor system and other control. The stepper  motor unit stands independently with its own power input to simulate the frequency of the stepper motor.

The training package based on the most modern electrical drive technology. It teaches all of the skills needed to use electrical drives and infor- mation on their particular features and ad- vantages.

Learning Objectives

Constructing a stepper motor system

Testing and commissioning a stepper drive

Multiple speed controls of stepper motor

Multiple direction controls of stepper motor

Positioning controls of stepper motor

Acceleration and braking ramps

 Specifications  MAIN SUPPLY MODULE

Leakage Current: 30mA

CAM Switch : 3-Pole

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