Single-stage piston compressor equipment teaching Heat Transfer Didactic Equipment

ST513 Single-stage piston compressor equipment teaching Heat Transfer Didactic Equipment for college, vocational training center, university. 

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ST513 Single-stage piston compressor equipment teaching Heat Transfer Didactic Equipment

  1. Description

The generation of compressed air for industrial and commercial purposes in areas where compressed air is used as a source of energy requires what are known as compressed air generation plants. A central part of these systems is the compressor. Of the air by means of mechanical energy. Compressed air generation plants are used to power machines in the mining industry, for pneumatic control systems in assembly facilities or as tyre inflation units at petrol stations.

The single-stage piston compressor in ST513 and the drive unit HM 365 together form a complete compressed air generation system.

The drive is HM 365 powers the compressor by means of a V-belt. The air is sucked into the intake vessel, where it settles before it is compressed inside the compressor. To sSTa steady flow operating mode, the compressed air can be discharged over a blow-off valve with a silencer. A pressure switch with a solenoid valve for limiting the pressure And a safety valve complete the system.

A measuring nozzle at the intake vessel is used to determine the suction volumetric flow rate. Sensors record the pressures and temperatures in front of and behind the compressor. The pressure is also displayed on the manometers in the tanks..

  1. Technical details


Investigation of a driven machine for compressed air generation

Single-stage piston compressor with one cylinder

Drive and speed adjustment via HM 365

Intake vessel with withdrawn nozzle for determination of the suction volumetric flow rate

Intake vessel and pressure vessel, both with pressure sensor and additional manometer

Safety valve and pressure switch with solenoid valve for limiting the pressure

Blow-off valve with silencer for setting a steady flow operating mode

Pressure and temperature sensors in front of and behind the compressor

Digital display for air flow rate, temperatures, pressures, differential pressures and compressor speed

Technical data

Compressor, 1 cylinder, single-stage

Power consumption: 750W

Nominal speed: 980min-1

Positive operating pressure: 8bar

Max. pressure: 10bar

Intake capacity: 150L/min at 8bar

Borehole: 65mm

Stroke: 46mm

Safety valve: 10bar

Pressure vessel


Volume: 20L

Intake vessel: 20L

Measuring ranges

Temperature: 1x 0…200°C / 1x 0…100°C

Pressure: 0…16bar / -1…1bar

Flow rate: 0…150L/min

Speed: 0…1000min-1

230V, 50Hz, 1 phase

230V, 60Hz, 1 phase

120V, 60Hz, 1 phase

UL/CSA optional

Required for operation

PC with Windows recommended

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