Single-phase Single-capacitor Motor Didactic Equipment Electrical Machine

ZE3505 Single-phase Single-capacitor Motor Didactic Equipment Electrical Machine for college, vocational training center, university. 

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ZE3505 Single-phase Single-capacitor Motor Didactic Equipment Electrical Machine

1、Product Overview 

1.1 Overview

Single-phase motors generally refer to low-power single-phase asynchronous motors powered by single-phase AC power (AC220V). This type of motor usually has two-phase windings on the stator, and the rotor is a common squirrel-cage type. The distribution of the two-phase windings on the stator and the different power supply conditions can produce different starting characteristics and operating characteristics. It is suitable for teaching and skills training and assessment of related majors in vocational colleges, technical colleges, secondary vocational schools and technical schools.

1.2 Features

(1) The experimental device is fixed on the substrate, and the whole is simple and elegant.

(2) Equipped with safety electrical cable, safe and reliable.

2、Performance parameters

(1) Input power: single-phase AC220V

(2) Dimensions: 250mm×200mm×240mm

(3) Weight: 5kg


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