Shear Force Educational Equipment Mechanical Training Equipment

SR1608 Shear Force Educational Equipment Mechanical Training Equipment for college, vocational training center, university. 

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SR1608 Shear Force Educational Equipment Mechanical Training Equipment


This equipment is for mechanical engineering department or mechanics engineering department in university, it’s for Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, Engineering Mechanics, Solid Mechanics major and other mechanics related department.

This equipment is used for measurement of shear force on a section of a beam from which comparison with theoretical values can be made. It is to be used with Universal Base Frame.

The beam has two parts with one part having ball bearings travel on flat vertical surface of the other part, an overhung spring balance measures the shear force and an underhung spring is provided to resist bending moment. The beam rests on two round supports. Load hangers and weights slide along the beam.

Instruction manual is also included.

II.Typical Experiments

Visual demonstration of the Shear Force at a cut section in a beam

Comparison of experimental results with theoretical values

III.Technical Data

Structure: aluminum

Bottom with adjustable rubber to adjust the height.

The total weight is less than 200kgs.

Working environment: -10℃~40℃, Humidity<85%

Round Supports 2

Spring 1

Spring balance 1

Load hangers 3

Load cell and Force Indicator with digital output instead of spring balance


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