Shear Center Didactic Equipment Mechanical Experiment Equipment

SR1610 Shear Center Didactic Equipment Mechanical Experiment Equipment for college, vocational training center, university. 

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SR1610 Shear Center Didactic Equipment Mechanical Experiment Equipment


This equipment is for mechanical engineering department or mechanics engineering department in university, it’s for Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, Engineering Mechanics, Solid Mechanics major and other mechanics related department.

The equipment is used for studying the plane of traverse loading without twisting for selected standard sections. It is to be used with Universal Structural Frame (separately supplied). Interchangeable beam specimens are made from 1.2 mm steel sheet or approximate equal with welded-on end plates and a central loading plate which has a provision at the bottom for loading at different eccentricities from the beam axis.

The end plates are attached to two flanged supports. A load is hung at the bottom of the central loading plate and two dial indicators are used to measure deflections of both ends of the plate. The plane of zero twist is the plane of shear center.

Instruction manual is also included.

II.Typical Experiments

Shear force variation with an increasing point load

Variation of shear force for various loading conditions

Examination of various other loading cases and their effect on shear force

III.Technical Data

Structure: aluminum

Bottom with adjustable rubber to adjust the height.

The total weight is less than 200kgs.

Working environment: -10℃~40℃, Humidity<85%

Beam section

 – Channel 1

 – Semicircle 1

 – Angle 1

 – “Z” 1

Load hanger 1

Dial Indicators 2


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