ZM7101T Robot Didactic Workbench Educational Equipment

ZM7101T Robot Didactic Workbench Educational Equipment for mechatronics laboratory in college, vocational training centers.

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ZM7101T Robot Didactic Workbench Educational Equipment


This device contains six degrees of freedom of industrial robots, sensor detection system, PLC control system and a set of feed, transportation agency, can realize the transmission of the workpiece pallet, testing, handling, operation, etc.

The various components of the platform are installed on the profile table, mechanical structure, electrical control circuit, and actuator are relatively independent, and adopt industrial standard parts design. Through this platform can be mechanical assembly, electrical circuit design and wiring, PLC programming and debugging, robot programming aspects of training, suitable for vocational colleges, vocational school automation or related professional industrial robots and control technology, automation technology and other courses of practice teaching, suitable for automation engineering technology personnel training and skills contest.

II.Technical performance

Input power: single phase three-wire ~ 220V plus or minus 10% 50Hz

  1. Working conditions: temperature – 10 ℃ ~ + 40 ℃ relative humidity of 85% or less (25 ℃) altitude < 4000 m
  2. Device capacity: < 1.5 kVA
  3. Actual training platform size: 1600mm x 1200mm x 1000mm
  4. Safety protection: with leakage protection, safety meets national standard

III. Equipment structure and composition

The training platform consists of six degrees of freedom, industrial robot system, programmable controller (PLC) system, the linear transmission unit, feeding unit, die-casting unit, geometrical locus control unit, electric control cabinet, profile training table, profile computer desk, etc.

  1. Six dof industrial robot industrial robot system

It is composed of robot body, robot controller, instruction unit, input and output signal converter and grasping mechanism, which can be used to grasp, track simulation, and measure the workpiece.

Robot ontology is composed of six degrees of freedom joints, fixed training table, in profile range greater than 600 mm in radius, Angle of not less than 340 °. The robot display teaching unit has LCD display screen, enabling button, emergency stop button and operating keyboard for parameter setting, manual teaching, location editing, program editing and so on.

Mitsubishi programmable controller unit

Equipped with mitsubishi FX2n programmable controller, used to read and write system artifacts data, control the robot, such as motor, cylinder actuator movement, the signal processing units, management processes, such as data transmission task.

  1. Tool replacement unit

It is composed of large tone clamping, vacuum generator, suction panel, positioning work, stenting, etc. The large tone clip and vacuum generator are installed on the robot body, which is controlled by the robot, which can be used for functional operation of the workpiece. Positioning pin is provided in the positioning equipment to locate the position of the workpiece accurately and to simulate the welding path of the robot.

  1. Station supply unit

It is composed of well type stock, push cylinder, top feed cylinder and photoelectric sensor. It is installed on the shape material training table, which is used to release the workpiece in the workpiece in turn.

  1. Linear delivery unit

Contains a set of dc speed regulating system,, high precision encoders, by a dc motor speed controller, synchronous belt wheel, etc, installed in the profile training table, used to transmit the workpiece (artifacts tracking used when fetching).

  1. Electrical control cabinet

It is used to install electrical components such as robot controller, PLC, inverter and speed control controller.

7.Software introduction

This equipment uses the robot special debugging programming software, can be programmed and debugging robot. The software has a text editing area, location list area, attribute indicator area, project management area and other Windows, which can be used for online and offline debugging of robots. For robot does the following: program editing, servo and off, running speed setting, position of each joint, and stop the operation and given step instructions, continuous implementation and execution of the program to jump. At the same time, the software provides the low-level driver interface function, which can be used for the second development of the user and the research of deep robot control technology.

V.Training goals:

– robot structure

– robot functional analysis

– displacement technique and moving analysis

– operating software analysis (displacement algorithm, self-formation …) (we supply free edition(free editon) software with unlimited users)

– robots appliance in industrial environment

– electrical operating for robotics

– programming and control of the station stand by software via PC with possibility to follow the robot displacement, coordinates extraction and detection of the work field  and singular points

Technical Specifications

– robot with stainless steel body and covered by elastic material

– 6 movement axis, each one is managed by digital servo-axle with high precision and with extended liberty of the movement to minimize cycle time

– set of communication port (USB, sensors, actuators, PLC, or other systems)

– industrial network connection (Ethernet, USB, …)

– connection to PC with programming cable

– programming software(we supply free edition(free editon) software with unlimited users)

– multifunctional operating board, with 7“ touch screen with adequate communication protocol with required PLC

– PLC:

24 VDC power supply

CPU: 192 work memory kb or better, 512 kb loading memory

Network connection (profinet, Ethernet, Profibus or other

16 digital inputs 24VDC with LED simulation

16 digital outputs 24 VDC/0.5A with galvanic separation and protection against short circuit

02 analog inputs

02 analog outputs

– connecting cables

– training unit (fabrication, assembling, sorting …) for practical application of the robot

– set of pieces

– electrical power supply with protection against short circuits

The station allows to expose fundamental principles of:

– robot manipulation

– assembling, sorting …

– PLC operating

Supplied with:

– robot programming software (easy and advanced, specific for robot applications) allow to develop many activities and exercises

– graphic interface which allows to program the robot

– multi-users PLC programming software (grafcet language obligatory)

– supervision multi-users which allow to study HMI technologies

– connections: PC/PLC, HMI/PLC, PC/HMI

– full set of accessories, cables, spare parts …

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