Refrigerator Model Didactic Equipment Air Conditioner Training Equipment

SR20281 Refrigerator Model Didactic Equipment Air Conditioner Training Equipment  for college, vocational training center, university. 

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SR20281 Refrigerator Model Didactic Equipment Air Conditioner Training Equipment 

Learning Objectives / Experiments

– Understand and get familiar with the design and operation of a simple refrigeration system

– Familiarisation with the principle of operation of an evaporator

– Different expansion elements

* operation with capillary tube

* operation with expansion valve

– Operating behaviour under load

– Refrigeration cycle in the log p-h diagram

– Fault simulation


[1] Model of a refrigerator to plug onto the base unit

[2]  training system with HSI technology

[3] Refrigeration chamber with evaporator, fan and cooling load

[4] Chamber with transparent front

[5] Electric heater to generate the cooling load

[6] Expansion elements selectable via solenoid valves: expansion valve or capillary tube

[7] Sensors to record temperature and pressure

[8] Solenoid valves, fan, heater and fault simulation controlled via the software

Technical Data

Refrigeration chamber: l x w x h: 270x270x220mm

Electric PTC heater as cooling load: 210W

Capillary tube: length 2m

Measuring ranges- temperature: 3x -50…50°C- pressure: -1…9bar

Dimensions and Weight l x w x h: 850 x 380 x 550 mmWeight: approx. 30 kg

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