Refrigeration Trainer Teaching Equipment Refrigerator Training Equipment

ZM6317 Refrigeration Trainer Teaching Equipment Refrigerator Training Equipment for college, vocational training center, university. 

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ZM6317 Refrigeration Trainer Teaching Equipment Refrigerator Training Equipment

  1. Overview

Profile mobile gantry structure, the outdoor unit of air conditioner and refrigerator refrigeration unit are installed under the gantry, the indoor unit is installed above the gantry, and the refrigerator compartment is installed on the tabletop. With temperature gauge and pressure gauge, it can display the temperature of the condenser and evaporator and the pressure on the high and low pressure side.

  1. Device features
  2. The system uses real air-conditioning and refrigeration units, in line with actual teaching.
  3. The training device visually shows the system structure and working principle of the heat pump split air conditioning and refrigeration system. The structure of the refrigeration cycle system and the main components can be clearly seen. The system is also equipped with an AC voltmeter, AC ammeter, Thermometer, vacuum pressure gauge. In addition, a sight glass is installed in the pipeline to observe the refrigerant state; the high-pressure pipeline is in red, and the low-pressure pipeline is in blue. Corresponding parts are identified by name
  4. The device is equipped with a wiring area for electrical control lines of components, which can complete the electrical connection, compressor winding judgment, etc., which is conducive to students to apply theory to practice and cultivate students’ practical operation skills
  5. Simulated fault setting, students can analyze the possible causes of the fault according to the process, determine the scope of the fault and troubleshoot. Conducive to the development of skills identification and assessment

III. Technical performance

  1. Input power: single-phase three-wire ~ 220V ± 10% 50Hz
  2. Device capacity: <3kVA
  3. Dimensions: 1600mm × 800mm × 1800mm
  4. Safety protection: with leakage voltage, leakage current protection device, Safety meets national standards
  5. Practical training items
  6. Basic skills training for junior mechanics
  7. Basic operation of special tools for refrigeration system
  8. Welding of refrigeration system pipe fittings
  9. Leak detection of refrigeration system
  10. Vacuuming and charging of refrigeration system
  11. Intermediate skills training (design, installation, commissioning and maintenance)
  12. Principle analysis of air conditioning and refrigeration system main control circuit
  13. Measurement and system operation of electrical components of air conditioning and refrigeration system
  14. Common air conditioning and refrigeration system failures and analysis
  15. Air conditioning And analysis of compressor failure in refrigeration system

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