Radio Debugging Training Device Teaching Equipment Electrical Laboratory Equipment

Radio Debugging Training Device Teaching Equipment Electrical Laboratory Equipment

ZE3602 Radio Debugging Training Device Teaching Equipment Electrical Laboratory Equipment for college, vocational training center, university. 

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ZE3602 Radio Debugging Training Device Teaching Equipment Electrical Laboratory Equipment

1. Equipment overview

“SR-type radio debugging training device” provides power and audio and video processing modules, infrared transmitting and receiving modules, 433MHz wireless transceiver modules, radio modules, walkie-talkie modules, TV modules and other typical radio training assessment modules in a modular form , It can complete the debugging, analysis and assessment of a variety of wireless transmission equipment. It can be used as a classroom teaching demonstration, and can also be used as a radio debugger and other corresponding certificate assessments.

2. Equipment parameters

Input power Single-phase three-wire system 220V±10%, 50Hz

Output power: AC power 220V±10%, 50Hz

AC power supply 7.5V (1A) two sets

Fixed DC power supply +5V (1A), +12V (1A), +35V (1A), -12V (1A)

Adjustable DC power supply: 0~30V (1A)

Device capacity <1.5KVA

Working environment The ambient temperature range is -5~40℃, relative humidity <80% (25℃), altitude <3000 meters

Dimensions 1600*700*1800mm (length×width×height)

3. equipment characteristics

  1. Comprehensiveness This device integrates a variety of experimental training projects commonly used in the radio field.
  2. Applicability It can meet the teaching experiments of corresponding courses in various schools. The modular structure is convenient to replace, and the depth and breadth can be flexibly adjusted according to needs.
  3. Modularity Each experimental module adopts a plug-in board separated structure, with clear tasks for each module and convenient operation and maintenance.
  4. Scientificity The test points have clear silk screens and intuitive meanings, and the unique failure points are set to facilitate the use of teaching examinations, certificate assessments, etc.
  5. Openness Some modules reserve control interfaces to facilitate the connection with digital equipment.
  6. Advancement Considering the development trend of radio, some new digital radio chip solutions have been added to enable students to have sufficient knowledge and understanding of new devices, and guide students to transition from analog devices to digital devices, keeping up with the pace of the times.

4. Modular introduction

Training platform

The table body experiment table is made of fireproof profiles, scientific in structure, compact in appearance, and the surface is sprayed with imported Dutch powder, which is wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, high-temperature resistant, and highly insulated. The aluminum alloy structure of the table body is anodic oxidation treatment, beautiful and atmospheric. The built-in desk cabinets and drawers can be used to place training modules, training supporting equipment, training manuals and other materials. A height adjuster is installed at the bottom of the table body to ensure the levelness and stability of the table top.

The middle part of the platform is the experimental screen. The left side of the experiment screen is the experimental mesh board, which can be hung in the training hanging box; the upper right side is the test instrument placement area, where test instruments (oscilloscope, function signal generator, etc.) can be placed; the lower right side is the laptop, TV placement area.

5. can complete the experimental project

  1. Power experiment
  2. Waveform generation/conversion experiment
  3. Square wave frequency conversion output experiment
  4. Infrared modulation and demodulation experiment
  5. Wireless transmission/reception experiment
  6. Audio Experiment
  7. Power amplifier circuit experiment
  8. Radio Experiment
  9. Walkie-talkie experiment
  10. Audio and video input and output experiment
  11. Audio and video modulation and demodulation transmission combination and debugging experiment

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