Practical training model of 2-way air conditioner 2-way Inverter technology Educational Equipment Refrigeration Lab Equipment

Practical training model of 2-way air conditioner 2-way Inverter technology Educational Equipment Refrigeration Lab Equipment

ZM6312 Practical training model of 2-way air conditioner 2-way Inverter technology Educational Equipment Refrigeration Lab Equipment for college, vocational training center, university. 

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ZM6312 Practical training model of 2-way air conditioner 2-way Inverter technology Educational Equipment Refrigeration Lab Equipment

  1. Overview

Adopt frequency conversion one drag two air conditioners main unit, aluminum profile mobile gantry structure, outdoor unit is installed under the gantry, indoor unit is installed on the front and back of the gantry respectively, you can clearly see the entire air conditioning structure. With temperature gauge and pressure gauge, it can display the temperature of the condenser and evaporator and the pressure on the high and low pressure side.

  1. Device characteristics
  2. The system uses a real one-to-two refrigeration unit, which is in line with actual teaching. With cooling, heating, ventilation, dehumidification, temperature, wind speed selection, timing, sweep control, sleep, automatic and other functions
  3. The training device intuitively shows the system structure and working principle of the heat pump type one-split two-piece air conditioner. The structure of the refrigeration cycle system and the main components can be clearly seen. The system is also equipped with an AC voltmeter, AC ammeter, and temperature. Tables, vacuum pressure gauges, signal lights and light-emitting diodes make the real-time working status of the entire split air-conditioning system clear; the control system schematic is printed in the middle of the main panel, and corresponding test points are provided; it is convenient for teaching demonstration and students’ understanding of textbook knowledge grasp. In addition, a sight glass is installed in the pipeline to observe the refrigerant state; the high-pressure pipeline is in red, and the low-pressure pipeline is in blue. Corresponding parts are identified by name
  4. The device is equipped with an outdoor unit component electrical control circuit wiring area, which can complete the electrical connection, compressor winding judgment, etc., which is conducive to students to apply theory to practice and cultivate students’ practical operation skills
  5. The fault setting can be simulated, and students can analyze the possible causes of the fault according to the process, determine the scope of the fault, and troubleshoot. Conducive to the development of skills identification and assessment

III. Technical performance

  1. Input power: single-phase three-wire ~ 220V ± 10% 50Hz 2. Device capacity: <3kVA 3. Overall dimensions: 1000mm × 590mm × 1800mm 4. Safety protection: with leakage voltage and leakage current protection device, safety meets national standards
  2. The structure of the refrigeration system pipeline can be observed on the back of the device. A baffle is provided on the front to simulate the dirty blockage of the condenser of the outdoor unit. When opened, the physical unit of the outdoor unit can be observed. Some necessary components, such as 2 indoor units (evaporator), outdoor unit (condenser, compressor, four-way valve), etc., the pipeline is also equipped with control valves and other components necessary for practical training 3. AC power supply Control unit: single-phase three-wire 220V AC power supply, 4 AC voltmeters, measuring range 0 ~ 250V, for monitoring grid voltage; 4 AC ammeters, measuring range 0 ~ 10A, for observing the system starting current and monitoring system Working current, leakage protector controls the total power supply of the control panel, the power supply of the control panel is controlled by the key switch 4. Refrigeration system pressure detection unit: provides 2 vacuum pressure gauges, the measuring range is -0.1 ~ 1.5MPa, -0.1 ~ 3.5MPa , Can display the pressure on the low-pressure side and the high-pressure side when the system is working 5. Temperature detection unit: provides 4 thermometers, using PT100 sensor, three and a half digital display, respectively measure the temperature of the air inlet and the air outlet Port temperature, condenser temperature and evaporator temperature 6. One simulated fault setting box: multiple simulated fault settings, cooling fault settings include dirty evaporator plug, condenser plug, dirty capillary plug, capillary ice plug; electrical fault settings Types include power supply circuit, temperature sensing circuit, drive circuit, compressor protection circuit, indoor fan speed control circuit and other failure points. 5. Practical training items 1. Basic skills training for junior mechanics 2. Basic operation of special tools for refrigeration system 3. Welding of refrigeration system pipes 4. Leak detection of refrigeration system 5. Vacuuming of refrigeration system and charging of refrigerant R410 6. Intermediate skills training (design, installation, commissioning and overhaul) 7. Analysis of circuit principle of inverter air conditioner main control board 8. Measurement and system operation of inverter air conditioner electrical components 9. Common inverter air conditioner failure and analysis 10. Inverter air conditioner inverter And compressor failure detection and analysis

The parameters of the air conditioner are as follows:

Power: 2 horses

Working mode: frequency conversion

Air conditioning heating and cooling method: heating and cooling type

Color Category: White

Peak power: 80000W

Heating power: 2200W

Heating capacity: 7100W

Cooling capacity: 6500W

Cooling power: 2100W

External performance level: Level 1

Air conditioning type: multi-connected

Heating application area: 18-60㎡

Internal machine circulation air volume: 19 m3 / min

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