Multi-Purpose Teaching Flume Teaching Equipment Hydrodynamics Laboratory

C4MkII Multi-Purpose Teaching Flume Teaching Equipment Hydrodynamics Laboratory for college, vocational training center, university. 

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C4MkII Multi-Purpose Teaching Flume Teaching Equipment Hydrodynamics Laboratory 


The C4MkII is a small open channel flume, available in 2.5m or 5.0m lengths, with clear acrylic sides to the working section for complete visibility of the flow. The channel is fitted with a PVC inlet tank, and is designed for free discharge into the Hydraulics Bench. The flume is mounted on a rigid framework, and can be tilted by use of a calibrated screwjack, which enables accurate slope adjustment of the channel. The inlet tank incorporates a stilling arrangement to diffuse the water flow prior to entry into the channel, ensuring smooth uniform flow. The level in the working section of the flume is controlled using an overshot weir (stop logs) at the discharge end. Bed-pressure tappings and fixing points for models are provided.

2.Experimental Capabilities

Study of open channel flume u Use of hook and point gauges to measure water level u Learning how to apply force-momentum and steady-flow energy equations to simple flow situations u Understanding the relationship between water level above the crest of a weir and flow rate over the weir u Using hydraulic structures to control level, eg syphon spillways

Understanding sub-and super-critical flow and the underlying characteristics of waves u Hydraulic jump u Using hydraulic structures for control of flow, eg sluice gate

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