Microcontroller Trainer equipment teaching Electrical Automatic Trainer

ZE8085 Microcontroller Trainer equipment teaching Electrical Automatic Trainer for college, vocational training center, university. 

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ZE8085 Microcontroller Trainer equipment teaching Electrical Automatic Trainer

Meet the following requirements

MCU 8051 training box (N.B 8051 is the equipment standard, not the model

The device is a single chip microcomputer training box based on 8 bit 8051 single chip microcomputer, widely used for training engineers to develop

RD2/89C61x2 CPU operating at 11:05 92mhz

32K user RAM USES 6264 with battery for standby use of NICD battery

A socket is provided for RAM

Practical training device for 8051 single-chip microcomputer (n.b8085 is the equipment standard, not the company model)

Help understand embedded systems (including commissioning, testing and training)

LED display control, Dot matrix LED control sleep motor control, input port expansion pulse

Counter, speak or control

Communication 7 segment display

Control output port inflation photo interrupt control, timer/counter, LCM display control RO RQUIVALENT

Provide test box, test circuit board, test accessories, instruction manual, etc.

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