Mechanical Heat Pump Didactic Equipment Thermal Training Equipment

SR6128 Mechanical Heat Pump Didactic Equipment Thermal Training Equipment for college, vocational training center, university. 

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SR6128 Mechanical Heat Pump Didactic Equipment Thermal Training Equipment


investigation of a heat pump with a water circuit as load

refrigeration circuit with compressor, evaporator with fan, thermostatic expansion valve and coaxial coil heat exchanger as condenser

hot water circuit with pump, tank and condenser as heater

additional cooling via pipe coil in the hot water tank and external cooling water

record and display of all relevant measured values

refrigerant mass flow rate calculated in the software from recorded measured values

software for data acquisition via USB under Windows 7, 8.1, 10

refrigerant R513A, GWP: 631

Technical data


refrigeration capacity: 372W at 7,2/55°C

power consumption: 205W at at 7,2/55°C

Coaxial coil heat exchanger (condenser)

refrigerant content: 0,55L

water content: 0,3L

Finned tube evaporator

transfer area: approx. 0,175m2


max. flow rate: 1,9m3/h

max. head: 1,4m

Hot water tank volume: approx. 4,5L


Refrigerant: R513A

GWP: 631

filling volume: 1kg

CO2-equivalent: 0,6t


Measuring ranges

pressure: 2x -1…15bar

temperature: 4x 0…100°C, 2x -100…100°C

power: 0…6000W

flow rate: 0…108L/h (water)

flow rate: 10…160L/h (cooling water)

flow rate: 0…17kg/h (refrigerant)


230V, 50Hz, 1 phase; 230V, 60Hz, 1 phase

120V, 60Hz, 1 phase

UL/CSA optional


Dimensions and weight

LxWxH: 1630x800x1900mm

Weight: approx. 195kg

Electricity meter: Watt-hour type recording

electrical input to the compressor using a digital wattmeter


designed to allow students to gain a common understanding and assessment of performance and

characteristics of a heat pump operating on a steam compression cycle and with an electric drive

compressor, and is suitable for all levels of the course, from professional education to students.

Atmospheric air is of poor quality


Work is introduced as electrical energy

into a hermetically sealed compressor


Panel: High quality ABS.

Compressor: fully sealed single cylinder

reciprocating type. Engine displacement about 8.85 cm³ revolutions

Condenser: water refrigerant


Fluid receiver: with valves. Contains all refrigerant charge if required.

Evaporator: air to refrigerant


Digital thermometer: resolution 0.1 ° C, with switch on select from six thermocouples

Flow meters x 2: type of variable area – indicate

R134a and H2O costs.

Gauges x 2: to indicate the pressure of R134a to the evaporator and condenser.


Safety Features: – High Pressure Capacitor Switch

and compressor thermal switch. – Residual current switch. – Combined bipolar trunk

circuit breaker and overload disconnected

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