Ion exchange Didactic Equipment Hydrodynamics Experiment Apparatus

SR3219 Ion exchange Didactic Equipment Hydrodynamics Experiment Apparatus for college, vocational training center, university. 

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SR3219 Ion exchange Didactic Equipment Hydrodynamics Experiment Apparatus

1.Product Overview

1.1 Product Introduction

Ion exchangers are mainly used for desalination and softening of seawater.

The raw water is drawn from the tank and enters the top of the cation exchanger. During the softening process, water flows from there back to the collection tank. The raw water is desalinated and then passed through an anion exchanger. From there the treated water enters the collection tank. During regeneration, acids or bases are supplied to the ion exchanger below.

The flow rate of the pump is adjustable and can be read from the flow meter before entering the first ion exchanger. For the continuous evaluation process, the conductivity sensor is installed upstream of the inlet of the collection tank. The measured value can be read from the conductivity meter. Tap water can be used as raw water.

1.2 Features

The main body of the experimental device is built with high-strength industrial aluminum profiles, and a universal wheel with brake is installed at the bottom to facilitate movement and fixation. The pipeline is made of transparent material, which is convenient for observing the trajectory of solid particles.

1.3 Performance parameters

Vertical tube

Height: 2m

Diameter: 50mm

Feeding barrel volume: 12L

Receiving barrel volume: 38L

Compressed air: minimum 2bar and 60m³ / hour

Power supply: AC220V 10A

1.4 practical training items that can be completed

Operation of pneumatic conveying system

Observation of different transportation states

Measurement of air velocity

  1. Experimental content

2.1 Flow path (desalination) of dual ion exchangers arranged in series

2.2 Ion exchange regeneration experiment

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