ICE Plant Trainer Teaching Equipment Equipment Equipment Air Conditioner Training Equipment

TB230329S09 ICE Plant Trainer Teaching Equipment Equipment Equipment Air Conditioner Training Equipment for college, vocational training center, university. 

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TB230329S09 ICE Plant Trainer Teaching Equipment Equipment Equipment Air Conditioner Training Equipment

Experimental Capabilities:

  • To study all components used in refrigeration system
  • To study the Vapor compression Refrigeration cycle
  • To study the concept of Ice formation
  • To determine the Refrigeration Effect, Work Input, Actual C.O.P., Carnot C.O.P., Theoretical C.O.P., Relative C.O.P., Ton of Refrigeration, and Plant Efficiency


Technical Specifications:

  • Compressor: Hermetically sealed compressor
  • Condenser: Air Cooled condenser made out of copper pipe & Aluminum fins of matching capacity with fan cooling
  • Brine Tank: Brine Tank made out of stainless-steel sheets, insulated from all sides with provision to hold cans, evaporator coil at one side & an arrangement to drain the brine solution
  • A door should be provided at the top of this tank.
  • Expansion device: Thermostatic expansion valve
  • Energy Meter: For power measurement of compressor
  • Pressure Gauge: 2 Nos. for H.P. & L.P. measurement
  • Suitable filter/drier
  • Hand Shut Off type Service valve
  • Ice Can: 9 Nos.
  • Set of thermocouples
  • 12 Channel Digital Temperature Indicator
  • Switches: For compressor, condenser fan, & a agitation system
  • Voltmeter: 0 – 250 V.
  • Ammeter: 0 – 15 A




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