HYDRAULIC FLOW DEMONSTRATOR engineering teaching equipment Fluids Engineering Training Equipment

HYDRAULIC FLOW DEMONSTRATOR engineering teaching equipment Fluids Engineering Training Equipment

ZM8118 HYDRAULIC FLOW DEMONSTRATOR engineering teaching equipment Fluids Engineering Training Equipment for college, vocational training center, university. 

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ZM8118 HYDRAULIC FLOW DEMONSTRATOR engineering teaching equipment Fluids Engineering Training Equipment

The Hydraulic Flow Demonstrator simply connects to a standardHydraulics Bench to permit the study of the following basic aspects of fluid flow:

Closed conduit flow
• Application of the Bernoulli and Continuityequations to converging and diverging flow
• Effect of gradual and sudden changesin cross section (energy losses)
• Using a contraction as a flowmeasuring device
• Using a Pitot tube to measure velocity / velocity profile
• Flow through a Culvert

Open channel flow
• Flow beneath an UndershotWeir (Sluice Gate)
• Flow over Sharp Crested, BroadCrested and Ogee WeirsUsing hydraulic structures to measure flow in an open channelEffect of changes in upstreamand downstream water level

Characteristics of Clinging, Aerated,Depressed and Drowned Nappes
• Sub-critical, Critical and Supercritical flow/ depth. Changes in
• Specific Energy and control imposedby the minimum energy condition
• Characteristics of Hydraulic Jumps
• Force and energy conditions in aHydraulic Jump
• Flow patterns associatedwith Hydraulic Jumps
• Flow over Drop Structures / EnergyDissipation
• Changes in flowprofi le in relation tothe Froude Number (predicting flow conditions in an open channel)
• Observation of flow patterns associatedwith flow around hydraulic structures
• Velocity of gravity waves in shallowwater / Formation of surfacewaves near critical depth
• Project work – Evaluation of userconstructed hydraulic structures

• A floor standing flow channel for use withan F1-10 Hydraulics Bench
• Working section 77mm wide, 150mm highand 1100mm long
• Can be configured to demonstrate flow inopen channels and closed conduits
• Clear acrylic sides for good visibility of flow patterns created
• Stilling arrangement at inlet to promotesmooth flow into the working section
• Section of bed can be elevated continuouslyand locked at the required height
• Discharge tank incorporates flow controlvalve for convenience in setting up
• Total and static heads indicated on multitubemanometer connected to Pitot tubesand static tappings at three locations inworking section
• Pitot tubes mounted through bed ofchannel for ease of priming and height adjustment (can be traversed from floorto roof to measure velocity profi le)
• Transparent scales allow measurement ofall important heights and levels
• Models of hydraulic structures suppliedinclude Undershot Weir (Sluice gate) at theinlet, Overshot Weir at the outlet, Sharp
Crested Weir, Broad Crested Weir (alsoused to create a Culvert) and Ogee Weir
• Suitable for project work with alternativehydraulic structures (user created)
• Optional direct reading flowmeter to aidsetting up of demonstrations
• Comprehensive instruction manual supplied
• Width of working section 77mm
• Depth of working section 150mm
• Length of working section 1100mm
• Maximum operating flowrate 1.6 litres/sec

• Hydraulic Flow Demonstrator
• Hydraulic Flow Demonstratorwith direct reading flowmeter

• Hydraulics Bench

• Stopwatch
• Multi-Purpose Teaching Flume
• Glass Sided Tilting Flume


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