Heat Conduction and Convection equipment teaching Thermal Demo Equipment

SR3029 Heat Conduction and Convection equipment teaching Thermal Demo Equipment for college, vocational training center, university. 

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SR3029 Heat Conduction and Convection equipment teaching Thermal Demo Equipment

The unit shall perform the following experiments and investigations:

Learning Objectives / Experiments

effect of heat conduction and convection on heat transfer

effect of free and forced convection on heat transfer

calculate convective heat transfers

effect of different materials on heat conduction

effect of sample length on heat transfer Specification

[1]investigate heat conduction and convection using the example of a cooling fin

[2]cooling fin: sample heated at one end, made of metal

[3]6 samples made of different materials and with different lengths

[4]6 fans for experiments with forced convection

[5]continuously adjustable heating power and fan power

[7]due to integrated microprocessor-based instrumentation no additional devices with error-prone wiring are required

Technical Data Heater

heating power: 30W

temperature limitation: 160°C 6x fan

max. flow rate: 40m³/h

nominal speed: 14400rpm

power consumption: 7,9W 4x samples, short

length dissipating heat: 104mm

heat transfer area: 32,6cm²

copper, aluminium, brass, steel 2x samples, long

length dissipating heat: 154mm

heat transfer area: 48,4cm²

copper, steel Measuring ranges

flow velocity: 0…10m/s

temperature: 8x 0…325°C

heating power: 0…30W

Dimensions and Weight LxWxH: 670x350x280mm Weight: approx. 17kg

Material of construction: stainless steel

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