FUNDAMENTAL REFRIGERATION TRAINER Educational Equipment Refrigeration Laboratory Equipment

FUNDAMENTAL REFRIGERATION TRAINER Educational Equipment Refrigeration Laboratory Equipment

ZM6867 FUNDAMENTAL REFRIGERATION TRAINER Educational Equipment Refrigeration Laboratory Equipment for college, vocational training center, university. 

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ZM6867 FUNDAMENTAL REFRIGERATION TRAINER Educational Equipment Refrigeration Laboratory Equipment

I. Product overview

This course is a professional course for thermal energy and power engineering majors. It aims to introduce the principles of refrigeration and refrigeration devices to students systematically, so that students can grasp the composition, characteristics and thermal calculation methods of various refrigeration cycles, and use vapor compression refrigeration as the main line To explain, the principle part focuses on theoretical analysis, and the equipment part focuses on explaining the structure, characteristics and selection calculations of various refrigeration equipment, and it also lays the foundation for students to further study other professional courses.

II. Equipment characteristics

The training platform adopts an aluminum chassis frame structure, which is simple and firm. It reduces the overall weight of the equipment while ensuring the overall strength of the equipment. There are 4 universal wheels installed at the bottom for easy movement.

The equipment has a good safety protection system. The power supply of the system is controlled by a leakage circuit breaker to protect the safety of the compressor and the system; in the electrical control loop, the circuit breaker switch and reliable grounding protection measures can ensure the safety of equipment and personnel.

III. Technical parameters

(1) Input power: 220V±10% 50Hz;

(2) Weight: <150kg;

(3) Working conditions: ambient temperature 10℃~30℃ relative humidity <75% (25℃);

(4) Refrigeration method: circulating refrigeration;

(5) System power: <1.5KW.

IV. Equipment composition

  1. Temperature instrument and control switch 2. Schematic diagram 3. High and low pressure protection and high and low pressure meter 4. Compressor 5. Filter 6. Sight glass 7. Refrigeration room 8. Flow meter 9. Liquid storage tank 10. Condenser

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