Francis Turbine equipment teaching Hydrodynamics Laboratory Equipment

ZM7144 Francis Turbine equipment teaching Hydrodynamics Laboratory Equipment for college, vocational training center, university. 

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ZM7144 Francis Turbine equipment teaching Hydrodynamics Laboratory Equipment

  • recording the curves of a Francis turbine and investigating the influence of the guide vane position
  • transparent front panel for observing the operating area
  • loading the turbine by use of the band brake
  • adjustable guide vanes for setting different angles of attack
  • recording the torque via band brake and force sensor
  • force sensor at the turbine inlet
  • speed, torque and pressure displayed on the switch cabinet of Characteristic Variables of Hydraulic Turbomachines

Technical Data


– output: approx. 350W at 1500min-1, 270L/min,


– max. speed: 3000min-1

– rotor

  11 vanes

  medium diameter: 60mm

– control wheel

  7 vanes

  angle of attack: 0…20° 


Measuring ranges

– torque: 0…9,81Nm

– pressure: 0…4bar abs.

– speed: 0…3000min-1

Dimensions and Weight

LxWxH: 510x490x410mm

Weight: approx. 38kg

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