FR1003 Small in-situ Pre-freeze Dryer Refrigeration Lab Equipment

FR1003 Small in-situ Pre-freeze Dryer Refrigeration Lab Equipment 

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FR1003 Small in-situ Pre-freeze Dryer Refrigeration Lab Equipment 

 The small freeze dryer simplifies the cumbersome operation of the small freeze dryer, prevents material contamination, and accelerates material moisture sublimation. This series of models has heating and temperature control programmable functions to view freeze-drying curves, allowing users to observe the lyophilization process of materials.

main feature:

Pre-freeze drying in situ;

Temperature adjustable and controllable production process;

Multiple sections can be set. The freeze dryer can modify the program parameters during the operation and record the vacuum drying curve and data online.

Touch screen, password can be set to display the drying curve;

The square tray is not easy to be deformed, easy to operate and easy to clean;

Configure the inflation valve, optionally with a dry inert gas;

One button defrosting function

The drying room adopts high light transmissive colorless transparent plexiglass door, which can clearly observe the change process of materials during the operation;

1 Technical parameters:

1.1 Model FR1003

1.2 Condensation temperature ≤–75°C

1.3 ultimate vacuum 10Pa (no load)

1.4 Freeze-dried area 0.4m2

1.5 Water catching capacity 8kg/24h

1.6 Sample tray 200mm×450mm

1.7 Power Requirements 220V 50Hz

1.8 power 2600w

1.9 Mainframe size 600mm×900mm×950mm (without door panel and handle)

1.10 Electronic control system Real-time display of separator freeze-drying curve and temperature curve. Intelligent temperature control.

1.11 Defrost One-button defrost function


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