Fluid Mixing Studies Unit Teaching Equipment Hydrodynamics Laboratory equipment

ZM8130 Fluid Mixing Studies Unit Teaching Equipment Hydrodynamics Laboratory equipment for college, vocational training center, university. 

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ZM8130 Fluid Mixing Studies Unit Teaching Equipment Hydrodynamics Laboratory equipment


The apparatus comprises a clear acrylic mixing vessel mounted on a stainless steel base. Above this is mounted a variable-speed electronic mixer with electronic torque measurement incorporated.

A set of PVC baffles can be fitted into the mixer with a simple screw mechanism to hold them in place. Under the stainless steel base is a storage compartment for the various small mixer components and the simple tools (hexagonal keys) required to change them. The larger mixer components are stored on pins behind the vessel.

The Rushton turbine impeller is a one-piece stainless steel fabrication with eight alternate upward and downward-pointing blades.

The flat blade impeller comes with six sizes of blade, each of which can be fitted in seven positions (vertical, plus 30/45/60 degrees leading and trailing edge). The blades are simple to configure and position accurately in place using a single screw. A propeller type stirrer is also included for comparison.


  • A benchtop laboratory mixing system for demonstrating and teaching fundamental principles of mixing
  • Electronically controlled variable-speed drive system with accurate RPM measurement display
  • Electronic measurement and display of torque on the drive head
  • The drive can be varied from 50-2,200rpm (note, not all the impellers are suitable for use at high speed)
  • Impellers include a true Rushton turbine with eight alternate upward and downward-pointing vertical blades, a propeller and six different sizes of flat blades
  • The flat blades are attached to a common mounting hub with a simple mechanism providing a precise blade angle. Seven different blade angles can be set for each blade size
  • The Rushton turbine and flat-bladed impellers are manufactured from stainless steel
  • Supplied with software to log the speed (RPM) and drive torque, calculate the power and display the data in graphs and tables
  • A set of baffles is included
  • The equipment can be operated in zero, two or four-baffle configurations
  • An optional heat transfer coil is available complete with temperature sensor and display
  • Powered by a universal power adaptor with worldwide approval

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