Flocculation Equipment Teaching Equipment Fluid Mechanics Experiment Equipment

TB221018S07 Flocculation Equipment Teaching Equipment Fluid Mechanics Experiment Equipment for college, vocational training center, university. 

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TB221018S07 Flocculation Equipment Teaching Equipment Fluid Mechanics Experiment Equipment


Drinking water or wastewaters, in different volumes, contain suspended material, solids that can be settled at rest or dispersed solids that do not settle easily. A substantial part of those solids that do not settle may be colloids. In natural conditions, they cause cloudiness, color, smell, taste and solids.

Water purification processes involve the collection of colloidal material, which is indispensable in the wastewater purification and treatment processes.

The coagulation and flocculation operations destabilize the colloids and make them settle. This is usually obtained with the addition of chemical agents and the application of mixing energy.

The Flocculation Test Unit allows to study the coagulation and flocculation operations and to analyze the main parameters that determine the colloids removal operation.


The Flocculation Test Unit shows the removal of dissolved substances by coagulation and flocculation.

It has six beakers where water to be tested is poured. Each one has one adjustable speed paddle stirrer.

The unit is illuminated from the rear side to allow a clear visualization of the supernatant particles.

The instrumentation of the unit allows to determine temperature, pH and total dissolved solids (TDS) to set, thus, the optimum conditions for flocculation


Bench-top unit.

Main metallic elements made of stainless steel.

Diagram in the front panel with distribution of the elements similar to the real one.

Flocculation test unit illuminated from the rear side:

 Six stirrers with stainless steel paddles. Agitation speed regulation: 10 – 300 rpm.

 Six flocculating graduated vessels.

 Sample volume of each vessel: 1 l.

Control panel:

 Timer, range: 0 – 999 min / 0 – 99 h.

 Lamp switch.

 Rpm regulator and rpm display.


 pH meter.

 Total dissolved solids (TDS) and temperature meter.

Cables and accessories, for normal operation.

– Dimensions: 950 x 300 x 420 mm approx.  (37.40 x 11.81 x 16.53 inches approx.)

 – Weight: 20 Kg approx.  (44 pounds approx.)




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