Field Drain Filter Apparatus educational lab equipment Hydrodynamics Experiment Apparatus

ZM7315 Field Drain Filter Apparatus educational lab equipment Hydrodynamics Experiment Apparatus for college, vocational training center, university. 

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ZM7315 Field Drain Filter Apparatus educational lab equipment Hydrodynamics Experiment Apparatus

  1. Product overview

1.1 Product introduction

Permeability refers to the ability of a material to allow liquids to pass through without changing its internal structure. When it comes to soil permeability, the typical fluid studied is water.

Soil permeability is measured by permeability coefficient k, which is a parameter that defines how easy or difficult the soil is for water flow.

In geology, determining soil permeability is an important factor in hydraulic research (for example, before building or civil engineering), erosion research, and mineralogy related to the bearing capacity of the underlying layer.

The drainage permeameter is designed to measure the permeability of different filter materials as the fluid passes and to determine the best combination of filter layer/soil. This equipment can be used for teaching purposes as well as laboratory testing and research. The main element is a transparent column, which can be filled with any type of soil, and has a movable base for placing the filter material under study. The device includes a metal filter as the filter material, which can be cleaned easily and quickly. The infiltrated water and soil are collected at the bottom and placed in a water tank under the column. You can observe the discharge of the drain pipe to evaluate the efficiency of the filter material.

In order to add water to the osmometer under constant pressure, the water pump lifts the water from the feed water tank to the inlet water tank connected to the upper part of the osmometer. The inlet tank has an overflow channel, which can be directly discharged into the inlet tank. In this way, all water that exceeds the water level required by the osmometer will be returned to the water tank, thereby maintaining a constant water pressure.

1.2 Features

The transparent material of the simulator makes it easy to observe the permeable water of the soil.

1.3 Performance parameters

Dimensions: 500mm*700mm*1300mm

Inner diameter of test tube: 90mm

Weight: <30kg

  1. experiment content

Determine the permeability of the soil.

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