Frequency Control Speed Regulation Experiment System Educational Equipment Electrical Workbench

Frequency Control Speed Regulation Experiment System Educational Equipment Electrical Workbench

ZE3200 Frequency Control Speed Regulation Experiment System Educational Equipment Electrical Workbench for college, vocational training center, university. 

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ZE3200 Frequency Control Speed Regulation Experiment System Educational Equipment Electrical Workbench

I. Precautions
1. Please read this training instruction manual and related materials carefully before proceeding. This training device is equipped with dangerous voltage. It must be operated in strict accordance with the “Electrical Safety Operation Regulations” and equipment manuals specified by the State to avoid personal injury. Equipment accidents occur.
2. Although the device has multi-level protection measures, it is not allowed to short-circuit the output terminals of the power supply during operation. The current input terminals of the ammeter, power meter and power factor meter must be used in series with the load; when the load is energized, the terminal should be noted. Label the data and the range of each meter.
3. The emergency stop button is set to disconnect the total power output of the device in an emergency. Under normal circumstances, it should not be used as the power cutoff. When the emergency stop button is not reset, the total power switch of the device is not allowed to be closed.
II. Main technical parameters
Input power: AC380V, 50Hz; three-phase five-wire system
Dimensions: about 1600 × 750 × 1800mm (length × width × height)
Machine capacity: ≤5kVA
Power control: automatic air switch on and off power supply, with short circuit protection, leakage protection, overload protection, emergency stop protection.
AC power output: three-phase five-wire AC 380V/20A: safety jacket output
Single-phase three-wire AC 220V/10A: safety sheathed seat output and three-pole multi-function socket output
DC stabilized power supply: 0~30V/3A divided into 6 sections coarse adjustment, each section is finely adjusted, the adjustment precision is 1%, with cut-off type short-circuit soft protection and self-recovery function; with sound and light alarm function.
Voltmeter: Digital DC voltmeter 0 ~ 200V, accuracy 0.5.
Ammeter: Digital DC ammeter 0 ~ 6A, accuracy 0.5.

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