DC Motor and Synchronous educational training equipment Electrical Installation Lab

SR2105 DC Motor and Synchronous educational training equipment Electrical Installation Lab for college, vocational training center, university. 

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SR2105 DC Motor and Synchronous educational training equipment Electrical Installation Lab

  1. Product Overview

1.1 Overview

This training device includes a DC compound excitation motor and a three-phase synchronous motor. Through related experiments, you can be familiar with the operating characteristics of the DC motor and the use of the three-phase synchronous motor, master its control principles and control methods, and cultivate students’ corresponding knowledge and skills. , Suitable for teaching and skills training and assessment of related majors in vocational colleges, vocational colleges, secondary vocational schools and technical schools.

1.2 Features

(1) The experimental device adopts aluminum profile structure, which is simple and elegant as a whole, and the bottom is equipped with feet, which can be flexibly moved. Easy to use and not easy to damage.

(2) The motor is equipped with safety terminals, which is safe and reliable.

(3) The motors are connected by a coupling, which is stable and reliable.

  1. Performance parameters

(1) Input power: three-phase AC380V ± 10% 50Hz and DC 0-220V

(2) Overall dimensions: 500mm × 150mm × 230mm

(3) Machine capacity: <2KVA

(4) Weight: <200kg

(5) Working conditions: ambient temperature -10 ℃ ~ + 40 ℃ relative humidity < 85% (25 ℃)

  1. Product composition
  2. Handle
  3. DC Compound Excitation Motor Transfer Panel
  4. Coupling
  5. Three-phase synchronous motor transfer panel
  6. Excitation power terminal
  7. Handle
  8. Can complete the training content

Experiment 1 Connection experiment of control circuit of compound excitation DC motor

Experiment 2 Three-phase synchronous motor power generation experiment

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