Continuous Rectification Teaching Equipment Heat Transfer Lab Equipment

Continuous Rectification Teaching Equipment Heat Transfer Lab Equipment

CE600 Continuous Rectification Teaching Equipment Heat Transfer Lab Equipment for college, vocational training center, university. 

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CE600 Continuous Rectification Teaching Equipment Heat Transfer Lab Equipment

Distillation is used to separate liquid mixtures made up of individual liquids that are soluble in one another. Rectification refers to distillation in a counterflow. Ethanol/water is recommended as the liquid mixture for the CE 600.

A sieve tray column, a bubble cap tray column and a packed column are available. The packed column is filled with Raschig rings. Each column has three connections at different heights for the feed. The top product is condensed using a condenser and a phase separation tank. Part of this condensate is collected in a tank as product while the rest is fed back into the column. The reflux ratio is adjusted using valves. The bottom product can be collected in two tanks. A heat exchanger allows the feed to be preheated by the bottom product carried away from the column.

Relevant measured values are recorded by sensors. The composition of the feed and products is determined via an areometer based on the difference in density between ethanol and water.

The trainer is operated and controlled by the integrated PLC with touch screen. The measured values can be transmitted via LAN to a PC where they can be analysed using the software. By means of an integrated WLAN router, the trainer can additionally be operated and controlled via one end device and the user interface can be displayed on numerous end devices (screen mirroring). Menu navigation is independent of the user interface shown on the touch screen of the trainer. Different user levels with different functions are available on the end device. Data acquisition on end devices is possible via the network.


continuous and discontinuous rectification

packed, sieve tray and bubble cap tray column, interchangeable

device control with PLC, operation via touch screen or an end device

screen mirroring: possible to mirror the user interface on numerous end devices, data acquisition via network

3 feed inlets and 8 temperature sensors per column

sieve tray and bubble cap tray column with 8 trays

packed column with Raschig rings

vacuum mode possible with diaphragm pump

electrically heated evaporator

heat exchanger for bottom product cooling due to feed preheating or cooling water

condenser and phase separation tank for top product

closed cooling water circuit with water/air cooler

adjustment of reflux ratio using valves

software for data acquisition via LAN under Windows 8.1, 10

Technical data


height x inner diameter: 780x50mm

Feed pump

max. flow rate: 320mL/min

Cooling water pump

max. flow rate: 10L/min

Diaphragm pump: final vacuum approx. 213mbar abs.

Tanks feed: 2x approx. 5L bottom product: 2x approx. 5L top product: approx. 1,9L

Heat transfer surfaces

feed preheating/bottom cooling: approx. 0,03m2

top product condenser: approx. 0,04m2

Measuring ranges

temperature: 33x 0…150°C

pressure sensor: 2x 0…2,5bar (column), 1x -1…1bar

manometer: -1…0,6bar reflux ratio: 0…100% power: 0…4kW (heater) flow rate: 30…320L/h (cooling water) density: 0,7…1g/mL 400V, 50Hz, 3 phases 400V, 60Hz, 3 phases; 230V, 60Hz, 3 phases

UL/CSA optional

Dimensions and weight

LxWxH: 1905x790x2200mm Weight: approx. 400kg

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