Continuous Beam Educational Equipment Mechanical Trainer Equipment

Continuous Beam Educational Equipment Mechanical Trainer Equipment

SR1616 Continuous Beam Educational Equipment Mechanical Trainer Equipment for college, vocational training center, university. 

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SR1616 Continuous Beam Educational Equipment Mechanical Trainer Equipment


This equipment is for mechanical engineering department or mechanics engineering department in university, it’s for Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, Engineering Mechanics, Solid Mechanics major and other mechanics related department.

The equipment is used for measurement of the reactions of a two-span continuous beam with and without settlement of a support. It is to be used with Universal Structural Frame (separately supplied).

The equipment consists of a two-span continuous beam supported by two vertical force supports and a built-in/knife edge support. The settlement of each load measuring support is measured by a dial indicator and can be simulated by height compensation mechanism. Three movable load hangers with a set of weights for downward as well as upward loading are provided. Each beam deflection is measured by a dial indicator.

Instruction manual is also included.

II.Typical Experiments

Principle of moments.

Reactions for a point load along a simply supported beam.

Reactions for a continuous beam.

Deflection of a simply supported beam.

III.Technical Data

Structure: aluminum

Bottom with adjustable rubber to adjust the height.

The total weight is less than 200kgs.

Working environment: -10℃~40℃, Humidity<85%

Test beam

 – Steel 2 – Aluminum 1  – Brass 1

Built-in/Knife Edge Support 1

Vertical Force Supports 2

Pulley set 1    Cord 1

Load hangers 3 Dial Indicators 2

Vertical Force Load Cell and  Force Indicator with digital output instead of Vertical Force Supports.


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