Compression Refrigeration System Educational Equipment Air Conditioner Training Equipment

Compression Refrigeration System Educational Equipment Air Conditioner Training Equipment

SR2005 Compression Refrigeration System Educational Equipment Air Conditioner Training Equipment for college, vocational training center, university. 

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SR2005 Compression Refrigeration System Educational Equipment Air Conditioner Training Equipment

Learning Objectives / Experiments

– function and operational behaviour of the refrigeration circuit components

– operation with expansion valve or with capillary tubes of different lengths

– underfilling or overfilling with refrigerant

– thermodynamic cycle in the log p-h diagram

– calculate the refrigeration capacity from the log p-h diagram and in comparison with

* the measured values

* calculate the coefficient of performance

* calculate the efficiency of the compressor


[1] investigation of a refrigeration system with different expansion elements

[2] refrigeration circuit consisting of a hermetic compressor, condenser, evaporator and expansion element

[3] transparent finned tube heat exchangers as condenser and evaporator to observe the phase transitions of the refrigerant

[4] expansion valve and capillary tubes of different lengths as expansion elements

[5] receiver for underfilling/overfilling the system with refrigerant

[6] sensors record pressure and temperature

[7] compressor equipped with two pressure switches

[8] LabVIEW software for data acquisition via USB under Windows XP or Windows Vista

[9] refrigerant R134a, CFC-free

Technical Data


– power consumption: 213W at 7,2°/32°C

– refrigeration capacity: 372W at 7,2/32°C

Condenser and evaporator with fan

– max. air flow condenser: 300m³/h

– max. air flow evaporator: 180m³/h

Capillary tubes: 1,5m, 3m, 6m

Receiver for refrigerant: 1,3L

Measuring ranges

– pressure: -1…9bar / -1…24bar

– temperature: 4x -40…150°C, 1x -100…100°C

– flow rate: 2…18m³/h

– electric power consumption: 0…1.000W

Dimensions and Weight

LxWxH: 1.730x790x1.760mm

Weight: approx. 150kg


230V, 50Hz, 1 phase or 120V, 60Hz/CSA, 1 phase




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