Centrifugal pumps study bench Vocational Training Equipment

SR3151 Centrifugal pumps study bench Vocational Training Equipment Educational Equipment for college, vocational training center, university. 

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SR3151 Centrifugal pumps study bench Vocational Training Equipment Educational Equipment

Equipment composition:

Aluminum profile frame structure, bottom with wanxiang wheel, flexible movement. There are four centrifugal pumps, two enclosed impeller pumps, one open impeller pump, one multi-stage pump, water storage tank and piping system.

Technical description:

Students’ experiments with different types of familiarize pumps, such as centrifugal and positive displacement pumps.

This is a centrifugal pump including dual piston pumps, one as a positive displacement pump and one side tank pump self-priming.

The height of the pump water is in a closed circuit. In the process, the pump performance data is in the pipeline and pressure loss. The operation of centrifugal pump can be configured in parallel or in series. A single pump drives a three-phase AC motor. The speed of the motor is variable and variably centrifugal pumps are driven by a frequency converter. The engine is installed in the rotating bearing space, so the torque can be measured by the mechanical output power of a single drive sensor.

Experiments show that the basic types of operation behavior of various pumps.

The relevant measurements can be read on the digital display.

Learning goals/experiments:

  • Compare and operate different types of pumps
  • Record different pump characteristic curves
  • Record the characteristic curve of the system
  • Determination of efficiency
  • Investigate and compare the parallel and series of pumps
  • Centrifugal pump

The bench is equipped by four centrifugal pumps allowing the study of the centrifugal pumps’ characteristics and performances.

The bench is composed of:

  • Mobile frame equipped by a polymeric reservoir.
  • 2 closed impeller centrifugal pumps.
  • 1 open impeller centrifugal pump.
  • 1 multistage centrifugal pump.
  • Serial or parallel pumps association.
  • Pump motor with speed controller.
  • Flow rate measurement sensor.
  • Pressure measurement sensor.
  • Speed sensor.
  • Consumed electric power measurement sensor.
  • The necessary accessories for the efficient functioning.

Power supply: 220V/380V/50Hz.

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