Capacitor bank Teaching Equipment Electrical Machinery

ZE3350 Capacitor bank Teaching Equipment Electrical Machinery for college, vocational training center, university. 

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ZE3350 Capacitor bank Teaching Equipment Electrical Machinery

1 Product Overview

1.1 Overview

This training device includes various types of electrical application circuit units. Through related experiments, you can familiarize with and control the principles electrical principle, develop students’ corresponding knowledge and skills, and are suitable for higher vocational, vocational and secondary vocational schools and Assessment of teaching and skills training of related majors in technical schools.

2.Specific characteristics:

Capacitors: 4 cylindrical with laminated polypropylene dielectric 3 of 1 kvar and 1 of 3 kvar; Contactors: 4 of 20 amps;

Controller: Automatic; Cabinet: With ip54 protection;

Input protection: Thermomagnetic switch;

Stages Protection: 4 20 amp thermomagnetic switch;

Voltage type: Three-phase;

Voltage: 240 Volt;

Additional features: 6-stage automatic controller, discharge resistors in each capacitor or overcurrent limiting inductors, 2 indicator lights, 1 red and 1 green, metal cabinet with key, 1 transformer for controls and controls
3. Performance parameters

(1) Input power: three-phase five-wire system 240V, 60Hz

(2) Overall capacity: <2.0KVA

(3) Weight: <180kg

(4) Working conditions:

Ambient temperature -10 ℃ ~ + 40 ℃

Relative humidity < 85% (25 ℃)

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