Air Conditioning Trainer engineering educational equipment Air Conditioner Training Equipment

ZM6126 Air Conditioning Trainer engineering educational equipment Air Conditioner Training Equipment for university, college, vocational training center.

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ZM6126 Air Conditioning Trainer engineering educational equipment Air Conditioner Training Equipment

I Introduction

This trainer has been designed specifically for educational aims so that students can delve into the hydraulic mechanical and thermodynamic aspects characterizing split-type air-conditioning systems.

Three-phase 220V, 60Hz

Air conditioner ZM6126 refrigerant is R22


II Training Program

Plant starting and safety devices intervention checking

Studying the operation of a split-type air conditioner

Operation in cooling and dehumidification mode

Modulating control

Examining the system behaviour versus the variation of

– Operation mode

– Flow rate at the evaporator

– Set-point temperature

Plotting the refrigeration cycle on refrigerant pressure-enthalpy diagram

Data acquisition and calculation of:

Heat balances corresponding to evaporator, condenser, compressor

Refrigerant mass flow

Volumetric compressor efficiency

Heat balances on air side


Supplied with:

English General air-conditioning manual

English Experimental handbook


We meet the following parameters

  • Capacity: Insertion of failures and elimination of failures. Use the toggle switch to control the solenoid valve to achieve control failure.
  • Real cooling unit functions
  • Refrigeration, heat, ventilation, dehumidification, temperature and wind speed selection,
  • weather
  • Includes: Connection area for a short circuit electrical control of an external unit, ac, voltmeter, ac ammeter, thermometer, pressure gauge, pilot and led lamps, main control board

Brand: ShouldShine

Model: ZM6126-0001

  • Structure material: Anodized aluminum

Brand: ShouldShine

Model: ZM6126-0002


  • Air conditioning system: External and Internal unit

Brand: ShouldShine

Model: ZM6126-0003(with R410 Coolant)


  • Include training and user manual for the unit

Brand: ShouldShine

Model: ZM6126-0004


8 Faults added:

1、Compressor does not run, start capacitance fault

2、Compressor does not run, relay fault

3、 Outdoor fan does not run

4、 Indoor fan does not run

5、 Temperature sensor fault

6、 Insufficient refrigerant

7、 Solenoid valve fault

8、Poor heat dissipation of outdoor units

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