Air Conditioning Model Vocational Training Equipment Refrigeration Teaching Equipment

SR20121 Air Conditioning Model Vocational Training Equipment Thermal Didactic Equipment for college, vocational training center, university. 

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SR20121 Air Conditioning Model Vocational Training Equipment Refrigeration Teaching Equipment

Learning Objectives / Experiments

– full air conditioning system and its main components

– heating and cooling in the h-x diagram

– humidifying and dehumidifying in the h-x diagram

– outer air and recirculating operation

– fault simulation


[1] model of an air conditioning system to plug onto the base unit  

[2] training system with HSI technology

[3] air duct with transparent front and adjustable ventilation flap for recirculating or outer air operation

[4] evaporator as air cooler

[5] 2 heaters as air preheater and reheater

[6] air humidifier with float switch, fan, filling level indication

[7] thermostatic expansion valve as expansion element

[8] sensor to record temperature and combined sensorfor humidity and temperature

[9] operation of individual components and of the system and fault simulation via software

[10] software: educational software, data acquisition, system operation

[11] software for data acquisition via USB under Windows Vista or Windows 7

Technical Data

Air duct, top: 136x136x800mm

Evaporator as air cooler

– transfer area: approx. 900cm²

Air heater: 2x 250W

Axial fan

– max. power consumption: 20W

– max. flow rate: 160m³/h


– heater: 200W

Servomotor for ventilation flap: 24VDC

Measuring ranges

– temperature: 2x -50…50°C, 5x 0…50°C

– humidity: 4x 10…100% r.h.

Dimensions and Weight

LxWxH: 850x400x680mm

Weight: approx. 51kg

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