Air conditioning model Didactic Equipment Thermal Transfer Demonstrational Equipment

SR-915.07 Air conditioning model Didactic Equipment Thermal Transfer Demonstrational Equipment for college, vocational training center, university. 

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SR-915.07 Air conditioning model Didactic Equipment Thermal Transfer Demonstrational Equipment


SR 915 .07 is part of the HSI training system for refrigeration and air conditioning technology. In combination with the base unit SR 915  the operational model of a full air conditioning system is created. The model is plugged onto the base unit, secured using fasteners and connected with refrigerant hoses to become a complete refrigeration circuit for the air cooler.


The room climate is created by the interaction of air temperature, heating temperature and air humidity. The purpose of room air conditioning is to shape the room climate in accordance with the requirements of people or sensitive goods. This model introduces the operation of an air conditioning system and the recirculating air and outer air operating modes.


The model SR 915 .07 includes two air ducts with transparent front. The top air duct serves as climatic chamber whilst the bottom air duct contains the air cooler, two electric air heaters and a steam humidifier. A fan between the two air ducts recirculates the air. A motorised butterfly valve in the top air duct allows a change between outer air and recirculating operation. Dependent on the switching of the two air heaters, the air cooler and the humidifier, the air in the duct system can be cooled, heated, humidified or dehumidified.


The individual system components are operated via the  software. Temperature and humidity before and after the evaporator and in the climatic chamber are recorded by sensors, digitised and represented dynamically in the software. The conditioning of the air can be monitored online in the h-x diagram.


Fundamentals and individual components are represented in the educational software for SR 915 .07. Performance assessments check the learning progress. With the aid of the authoring system further exercises and performance assessments can be created.

2.Technical details


model of an air conditioning system to plug onto the base unit SR 915

 training system with HSI technology

air duct with transparent front and adjustable ventilation flap for recirculating or outer air operation

evaporator as air cooler

2 heaters as air preheater and reheater

air humidifier with float switch, fan, filling level indication

thermostatic expansion valve as expansion element

sensor to record temperature and combined sensor for humidity and temperature

operation of individual components and of the system and fault simulation via software

 software with control functions and data acquisition via USB under Windows 7, 8.1, 10

 software: educational software, data acquisition, system operation


Evaporator as air cooler

transfer area: approx. 900cm2

Air heater:

2x 250W

Axial fan

max. power consumption: 20W

max. flow rate: 160m3/h


heater: 200W


Measuring ranges

temperature: 2x -50…50°C, 5x 0…50°C

rel. humidity: 4x 10…100%

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