Air Conditioner And Refrigerator Trainer Didactic Equipment Mechatronics Training Equipment

Air Conditioner And Refrigerator Trainer Didactic Equipment Mechatronics Training Equipment

ZM3101 Air conditioner and refrigerator trainer didactic equipment mechatronics training equipment for college, vocational training center, university. 

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ZM3101 Air Conditioner And Refrigerator Trainer Didactic Equipment Mechatronics Training Equipment

I. Overview
This device is training equipment designed for profession related to refrigeration in vocational colleges, according to the characteristics of air conditioning and refrigerator repair techniques in refrigeration industry, it is designed for air conditioner and refrigerator electrical control and refrigeration system installation and maintenance, which enhances students’ comprehensive vocational abilities for the installation of air conditioners and refrigerators system piping, electrical wiring, commissioning, fault diagnosis and maintenance etc.. Device combines fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, heat transfer theory and electrical control and other technologies, and it is suitable for professional teaching and training related to refrigeration.

The device consists of air-conditioning system module, refrigerator system module, power supply and instrument module, air conditioning electrical control module, refrigerator electronic thermostat electrical control module, refrigerator intelligent temperature control electrical control modules and other components. Do project training through this device, it can test students’ teamwork ability, planning and organizing ability, refrigeration systems installation and adjustment ability, electrical control circuit maintenance ability, communication skills, professionalism and safety awareness and others.

The device uses a modular design, is composed of rail type aluminum alloy installation platform, air conditioning system, refrigerator system, electrical control systems and other components.

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