ZE3108F PLC Trainer With Motor Teaching Equipment

ZE3108F PLC Trainer With Motor Teaching Equipment for university,college,technical institution,vocational training schools.

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ZE3108F PLC Trainer With Motor Teaching Equipment

This training frame desktop type, two work stations for two students, every work station has independent
power, electrical hanging module, inverter module, PLC module, three phases asychronous motor, it can meet the
requirements for 2 students, to get electrical machines training, PLC training and inverter training.
The equipment use aluminum structure, special industrial material, the structure is scientific, the outlook
is beautiful, the surface use Dutch powder spray blue gems, stainless patch board use SU304 stainless
patch board, it was made by high precision CNC machines, it stand wear and tear, don’t rust, don’t
discoloration. Power box use industrial material, the surface use anodic oxidation treatment, it has good
insulation, it is impact abrasion, beautiful appearance, easy to use.

If you have any need, welcome send inquiry to education@ssedumachine.com.