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Flexible Manufacture System With CNC

 Flexible Manufacture System With CNC

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Flexible Manufacture System With CNC
I. Overview
Flexible  Manufacture System is a controlled and managed by computer, it is to product  small components automatic manufacture system efficiently. It has the  following function: multi standard manufacture units, Micro CNC machine that  can automotive load and upload workpiece(material). The workpiece(material)  storage and transportation system. it can transport workpiece in machine  clamp work position, it is a programmable manufacture system.
II.  System components
1.  Distribution station
2.  Testing station
3.  Robot handling section
4.  Transmission unit
5.  6-DOF robot section
6.  CNC process unit
7.  Processing  and detection unit
8.  Finished product assembly unit
9.  3 Dimensional storage house unit
II.  Technical Parameter
1. Input power: AC380V, three-phase, four-wire
2. Whole power:<10KVA
3. Dimension: 4450mm×3430mm×1820mm
4. Pneumatic pressure: 0.4Mpa
IV. Involved major and course
The whole system can design mechatronics system comprenhensive  training course, include pneumatic, electro-pneumatic, system mechanism  design experiment, system structure analysis experiment, PLC program  experiment, Profibus control, robot control simulation, CNC process flow,  step motor three-dimensional storage house management and fault remove.


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