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ZE3101 Electronics Training Workbench

Electronics Training Workbench

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Electronics Training Workbench
I. Overview
This equipment is to be used in  technical schools, vocational schools and colleges for 228 electric  experiments include diode and triode circuit, sine oscillation circuit, DC  coupling amplifier and integrated operational amplifier circuit, DC power,  controllable silicon and trigger circuit, digital circuit and others.
II.  Technical parameter
1.Student table: size 160*80*75cm, there  is a drawer on each side of the table with sockets and components retaining  panel in it. The middle drawer is to keep tools, multi-meter, wires,  instructions, etc. On the table, a general circuit board is laid in the  middle, which is size of 150*70cm.
2.Components and Sockets:  as a  basic component in the circuit, it has component code, component, powered  socket and injection mold testing hole.
III. Safety protection
 (1)General power switch (leakage breaker)
(2)General Fuse: three-phase input  fuse UFu, VFu, WFu(3A), if users require current of 3A or above, then you  should change the other fuses. (below 10A)
(3)Power Switch, fuse Fu (1A): power  switch for all kinds of low-voltage DC and AC power supply, function  generator and audio amplifier.

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